• Message us with all the information that your inquiring about. Design, quantity, sizing etc ( If your the size you measure for your belt is incorrect we are not responsible if it does not fit. We build them based on the measurement the customer provides. )
  • Pictures for example are fine but please DO NOT expect us to copy another leatherworkers work.
  • Orders are produced on a first come first serve basis from which you pay for your item.
  • We will provide a sketch on the design of your item but please note that we will not do a proof for stamped designed such as a basket weave or any geometric pattern.
  • After sketch is approved, we will begin the production of the order. Once sketched is approved there is no changing the order once we have started so please make sure you are satisfied with the sketch, otherwise make sure the correct changes are made before approving.
  • We will then send a picture of the finished product.
  • When placing an order please make sure you provide the correct shipping address. If the wrong address is on your order and you did not notify us it will go to the wrong destination.
  • Once the label is prepared the tracking number for your item will go to your email.


We are a small two-person company. We take as many orders as we can handle. Our wait period sometimes may reach up to 8-9 weeks from the date of purchase. If you need the item by a specific date please submit your order 8 weeks before your date needed and inform us of this date. We want each order to be of the best quality so wait times may vary depending on amount of detail requested. Please be patient with us as we are working as fast as we can on each order.

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